Clay Ellingson

Staff Members
Parish Administrator & Custodian Susan Johnson
Organists Dan Anderson
Irina Arntson
Lisa Petznick
Choir Director Irina Arntson
Treasurer Julie Ann Holt
President Sandy Tinglestad
Vice President Mike Johnson
Treasurer Julie Ann Holt
Secretary Brenda Brand
Council Committees

Education Committee

Karla Breen
Karla Breen
Lisa Erickson
Tara Wolf

Outreach Committee

Cindy Baggenstos
Janet Woolever
Jean Varholdt

Properties Committee

Craig Bakken
Tim Williams
Jessie Hoadley

Stewardship Committee

Rich Ness
Jody Restad
Sheryl Grandbois

Worship Committee

Dan Anderson
Susan Johnson
Jan Haugrud

Youth Committee

Polly Fahrendorff
Jessie Williams
Jennifer Bergquist

Other Committees & Work Groups

Decorating Work Group

Jan Woolever
Bonnie Haugrud
Mary Williams

Head Usher

Karen Bakken

Mutual Ministry Work Group

Scott Wolf
Chris Thysell
Jessica Williams
Pastor Clay Ellingson

Mission Work Group


Audit Work Group

Millie Ness
Janel Haugrud
Rick Haugrud

Luther Crest Delegates

Cindy Baggenstos
Becky Lage

Nominating Work Group

Keith Anderson
Rich Ness
Jess Williams

Conference Synod Assembly - June 12th-13th

Northwestern MN Synod
Phone: (218) 299-3019
Concordia College, 901 8th St S.
Moorhead, MN 56560
Janet and Wayne Woolever
Youth to be appointed by Grove Lake Youth Group

Men's Group



Mary Williams (President)
Janel Haugrud (Co-President)
Cindy Baggenstos (VP)
Chris Thysell (Secretary)
Laurie Buck (Treasurer)

Prayer Chain



Melissa Bakken

Updated 2/2021